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The Divergent Series: Allegiant.
The Divergent Series: Allegiant.PHOTO: YOUTUBE
Finding Dory.


You may keep getting these chick-led dystopian sci-fi movie series mixed up, like I do.

Just know this - if you wanna see an alternate grown-ups-are-insidious version of The Hunger Games minus the bow and arrow, try this out as Shailene Woodley shows us where that quaint little flying machine Tom Cruise flew in Oblivion went.

Saviour-babe Tris Prior (Woodley, above, with Ansel Elgort) and her band of young dusty-hip pals leave their enclosed ruined city of Chicago, Maze Runner- style, and get picked up by some secretive new armed organisation of folks who look like they have better hair salons and showers.

Oh, please don't ask me to explain, because you won't live that long.


Okay, until Aquaman comes, we just have to go with this sequel for a great underwater adventure. This is the second swimming of Dory (voiced by Ellen DeGeneres), the adorably scene-stealing amnesiac fish in Pixar's ginormous 2003 hit, Finding Nemo.

Dory is "sleep-swimming" which, as her faithful little pal Nemo explains, means she's talking in her sleep.

"I remembered something important," Dory exclaims before forgetting what the heck was so important.

The watery quest this time is Dory looking for her parents and already, it looks really fun, thanks to DeGeneres' loopy crazy-fish Lucille Ball-comical agitation.

Tay Yek Keak

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