Hot movie trailers: Nicole Kidman should ask fellow Aussie Guy Pearce for help in her new thriller

Final girl. -- PHOTO: YOUTUBE
Final girl. -- PHOTO: YOUTUBE
Before I go to sleep. -- PHOTO: YOUTUBE



In this psychological thriller, Nicole Kidman plays a scared amnesiac with a murky, recurring hole in her memory. "Tonight as I sleep, my mind will erase everything I know today," she reveals fearfully.

Years ago, this movie was called 50 First Dates with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler and, believe me, that was way funnier. Who should jumpy, terrified Kidman trust: the unshaven doctor (Mark Strong) helping her, who looks like a hit man, or her dandy husband (Colin Firth), who seems as menacing as a frustrated librarian?

I call this type of clip "the corridor trailer" because it keeps showing how sinister corridors can be when you are very nervous or when you urgently need a loo in a maze-like shopping mall.

Kidman does the "frightened look" pretty well here. It's some kind of memory technique. I think she's remembering every minute with ex-hubby Tom Cruise.

Actually, what she needs to do is call her fellow Aussie Guy Pearce for help, since he was in her shoes 14 years ago in the movie Memento.



I really dig this clip. It looks like Dead Poets Society meets Prom Night meets I Spit On Your Grave. The last flick is a 1970s cult classic about a chick exacting very satisfying axe-killer revenge on the psychos who raped her.

Here, Abigail Breslin is trained by vengeance guru Wes Bentley to annihilate a group of four sickos (including The Hunger Games' Alexander Ludwig) who politely date a girl, ask her to dress up sweetly and then viciously hunt her to kill her in a forest.

Oh, the things one can do with an axe, baseball bat, nice tux and a charming smile.

Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine, 2006) could be the new Jennifer Lawrence. I mean, she just looks so freshly scrubbed, innocent and lethal here as Little Miss Nail-You-Where-The-Sun-Doesn't- Shine.

Tay Yek Keak

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