Hong Kong TVB stars in Singapore to film fitness and lifestyle show

Ada Wong in an anti-ageing yoga session. PHOTO: STARHUB
Yoyo Chen in Singapore. PHOTO: STARHUB
Ada Wong does aerobic workouts and weight training to keep fit and look good. PHOTO: STARHUB

(THE NEW PAPER) - It was only her second time in Singapore, but Hong Kong TVB actress Yoyo Chen managed to try out the The Fragment Room in Balestier Road.

In Singapore's first rage room, stressed-out people can relieve their pent-up frustration by smashing wine bottles, plates, laptops and television sets.

Chen, 36, told The New Paper that while she thought the activity was unique, she was still quite hesitant at destroying the items.

She said: "Maybe it's because I'm Asian, and I was afraid that I would be very violent. So I restrained myself."

Chen was in town in June to film fitness and lifestyle show Wellness On The Go Singapore, which airs over Hub E City (StarHub TV Ch 111/825) and StarHub Go on Tuesdays at 8pm.

For her episode, which featured topics such as befriending stress and having a healthy heart, she tackled cardio jam session PoundFit, fitness workout BodyVIVE, a cooking session and spoke to a nutritionist about coping with stress.

Yoyo Chen at rage room, The Fragment Room. PHOTO: STARHUB
Yoyo Chen in Singapore. PHOTO: STARHUB

Chen said she has been practising yoga "for a long time", but her interest in sports only came about recently.

"I used to prefer non-rigorous exercises, but since I discovered kickboxing, I realised it's quite fun because it is not only dynamic but also interactive," she said.

The mother of one revealed that she was not in good health when she was young, so she is quite particular about food.

"I don't have the habit of snacking or eating deep-fried food. I'm more used to eating light and healthy dishes."

Fellow TVB artist Ada Wong was also in town to film the same show. Her episode covered age-defying antioxidants, and the activities she took part in included an anti-ageing yoga session and cooking a vegetarian dish.

Ada Wong at an anti-ageing yoga session. PHOTO: STARHUB
Ada Wong says she is grateful for having good genes. PHOTO: STARHUB

It will air on Aug 22 while Chen's will air on Aug 29.

When asked if she feared growing older, Wong, 28, said she was grateful for good genes.

She told TNP in a separate interview: "Everyone in my family looks younger than their actual age so I'm quite thankful.

"Moreover, if I have wrinkles in the future, I feel that it represents a certain level of experience and maturity, making me more feminine."

But Wong has her insecurities.

She said: "I like to (go to the) gym because I want to have a perfect figure. While I'm not plump, other actresses are quite thin, so when we're on screen, I feel the pressure when I have to stand beside them.

"So I will do aerobic workouts and weight training to make myself look prettier."

What she won't do is follow Korean stars or models' weight loss methods and diets blindly. Each person has a different physique, so one should customise one's diet to avoid suffering from malnutrition, she said.

Wellness On The Go Singapore gave Wong the opportunity to attempt yoga for the first time.

She said: "Because I have a dance background and my bones aren't too stiff, I was able to learn the moves."

She now knows that yoga inversions are not only good for blood circulation, but it also prevents wrinkles and makes a person look more energetic.

Wong said she picked up ballet and Chinese dance in primary school, and hip-hop and jazz in secondary school.

She stopped dancing after she went to England for further studies. That stint led her to gain 4.5kg in three months.

"That was the most extreme, but after I became stressed with studying, I slowly returned to my normal weight."

Wong rated her fitness level a five out of 10.

"While I try to exercise twice a week at the gym, I'm quite unhealthy when it comes to food so I feel I can do better."

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