Hong Kong singer Karen Mok: 'I could be a farmer in five years' time'

Hong Kong singer Karen Mok is hinting that she could quit show business in the foreseeable future.

She says that her long-distance relationship with German-born husband Johannes Natterer is only a short-term arrangement.

"In five years, we would probably buy a vineyard and become farmers, grow grapes and make wine," the 44-year-old Mok tells local reporters on Monday. She is based in Hong Kong, while her husband is based in London.

She was here to promote a new album, Departures, and performed at the Star Awards on Sunday.

Mok and her husband were college sweethearts who dated when they were studying in Italy. They split up, but rekindled their love years later and tied the knot in 2011.

On a three-month holiday last year, they spent quality time together.

"My husband said that since I filmed the movie Around The World In 80 Days, let's do an Around The World in 80 Days," says Mok, referring to the 2004 Hollywood movie she starred in along with Jackie Chan and Steve Coogan, among others.

The couple saw sights such as the Northern Lights in Iceland and watched macaws eat breakfast in the Amazon rainforest.

She says: " On the trip, it was basically just the two of us, 24 hours. To a lot of couples, it would be a great challenge. It was a car of 'Let's see whether we are going to argue'. But it was sweet and really lovey-dovey the whole way through."


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