Hong Kong actress Athena Chu posts photos of her husband and daughter to promote show

Athena Chu and Paul Wong have a daughter, Debbie, who will turn eight in late October 2020. PHOTO: ATHENA CHU/INSTAGRAM

Hong Kong actress Athena Chu seldom posts photos of her family on social media.

The 48-year-old has been married to former Beyond singer Paul Wong, 56, since 2012. The couple have a daughter, Debbie, who will turn eight later this month.

On Wednesday (Sept 30), the actress posted several photos of her husband and daughter, writing in Chinese: "My baby girl said to me: 'I want to travel with mum.' I said: 'Mum can't go with you as she is filming a movie.'"

Chu is currently filming a movie titled Rain On Banana Leaves in Chinese. She caused much excitement among many students on Tuesday when she turned up at a school in Panyu, Guangzhou to shoot part of the movie.

Chu continued: "But we can watch Get Smart! Dad as it is on air. Our family can meet one another through the TV screen."

Chu is referring to Chinese reality show Get Smart! Dad, which invites celebrity fathers to go on trips with their children. The show tests how well fathers connect with their children when they encounter issues like bad weather or unfamiliar places.

The show was filmed in 2018, but its telecast was postponed after the Chinese government restricted shows featuring celebrities with their children.

Chu wrote the post as the reality show began screening on Wednesday.

She also shared a post by Supreme Art Entertainment which is promoting the show.

Known for her sexy image in the 1990s, she is famous for roles such as heroine Huang Rong in 1994's TVB remake of late writer Louis Cha's martial arts novel The Legend Of The Condor Heroes and the fairy Zixia in the two-part movie A Chinese Odyssey (1995), starring Stephen Chow and Ng Mang Tat.


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