Hong Kong actors just can't get enough of K-drama Crash Landing On You

Hong Kong singer James Ng and TVB actress Natalie Tong posted photos of themselves looking like the main characters of Crash Landing On You. PHOTOS: KWANGORRRRRR/INSTAGRAM, NATALIETONG53/INSTAGRAM

South Korean drama Crash Landing On You may have aired its last episode, but the frenzy over the show has not died down.

Even celebrities are not immune. Quite a few are fans of the show about a South Korean heiress who lands in North Korea after a paragliding accident and meets her true love - a North Korean soldier.

TVB actress Natalie Tong is an avid fan and recently paid tribute by dressing up like the female lead.

She wore a dress similar to what the heiress character Yoon Se-ri wore in the show and even had her hair tied up to look like Yoon, who is played by actress Son Ye-jin.

Tong posted a photo of herself on Instagram and wrote that she is reminiscing about the show. She wrote in Korean, "Do I look cute?" and added the hashtag #Detoxification.

Another fan, Hong Kong singer James Ng, posted a photo of himself in military suit as a character from TVB serial The Dripping Sauce (2020), along with a photo of Ri Jeong Hyuk, the North Korean soldier played by Hyun Bin.

The singer, who is also known as Brother Kwan as his debut album is named Kwan Gor, said in the post that he is Hyun Kwan and used the hashtag #BothAreSoldiersSoThere AreFewDifferences for his post.

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Several celebrities were amused by his post, with actresses Katy Kung and Rebecca Zhu joking that they could not stand his post.

Ng was not the only Hyun Bin wannabe though. Actor Andrew Yuen posted two photos of himself in military attire, seen in The Dripping Sauce and the 1998 TV serial I Come From Guangzhou.

He wrote: "I have crashed landed from 1998 to The Dripping Sauce."

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