Home-grown singer JJ Lin meets up with four other singers at his coffee joint in Taipei

(From left) Singers Harry Chang, Jimmy Lin, JJ Lin, Jay Chou and Jam Hsiao.
(From left) Singers Harry Chang, Jimmy Lin, JJ Lin, Jay Chou and Jam Hsiao.PHOTO: JJ LIN/OASIS

You could call it a gathering of some of the most famous Mandopop singers based in Taiwan or a gathering of the four Js (or should it be five since it is JJ?).

On Thursday (May 21), home-grown pop star JJ Lin, 39, posted on China's Instagram-like app Oasis six photos of him with Jay Chou, 41, Jam Hsiao, 33, Jimmy Lin, 45, and Harry Chang, 37, at Miracle Coffee in Taipei.

The newly opened cafe, located in Taipei’s Eastern District, is JJ Lin's second outlet in the city. It was named Miracle as a nod to his first music documentary film If Miracles Had A Sound (2016).

The singer-songwriter, who is based in Taiwan, wrote, "A miraculous gathering, a miraculous combination and miraculous happiness. When the bros come together."

He ended the post with the Chinese hashtag #SeasonOfConfesssionInMay.

One photo shows the five singers together, each with an ice-cream cone in hand.

Chou, Jimmy Lin and Chang have shared the photos on their respective social-media accounts.

Hsiao is a Golden Melody Award-winning singer who debuted on reality singing competition One Million Star in 2007. Jimmy Lin is the former teen singing idol known as The Little Whirlwind in the 1990s, while Chang was a member of Taiwanese hip-hop band Da Mouth.