Hollywood next for singer JJ Lin?

Chris Nahon (left, with Lin).
Chris Nahon (left, with Lin).PHOTO: RANDY RIM/INSTAGRAM

TAIPEI • Having established himself as one of Singapore's top Mando- pop exports, might JJ Lin be setting his sights on Hollywood next?

He and his friend, former Da Mouth singer Harry Chang, recently went to a one-month acting class in the United States, his agent confirmed to Taiwan's Apple Daily on Monday.

In an Instagram photograph that was seized on by the newspaper, the two singers appeared to be at a dinner at Spago Beverly Hills with Chris Nahon (with Lin), the French director of the 2001 Jet Li movie, Kiss Of The Dragon. Also pictured with them was Japanese businesswoman Yuki Kageyama, a one-time superfan of Lin's label mate Jam Hsiao.

Apple Daily quoted Ms Kageyama as saying she hosted the US$3,000 (S$4,070) dinner for the singers and director. She said she hoped to invest in a JJ Lin film, having been a fan of his work since his 2011 album, Lost N Found.

In 2013, she hit the headlines for moving into the same building as Hsiao and trying to give him shark's fin soup around midnight. But she no longer likes him because he is surrounded by "terrifying people", she said.

Instead, she added: "I appreciate JJ's talent and like his adorable face."

Explaining the dinner, Lin's agent said the singer had made friends in the movie industry recently. He dined with Ms Kageyama through the introduction of a producer friend, the agent added.

Responding to the fan's investment offer, the agent said: "We thank her for her kindness. If it's a good script, a good production, we'll consider."

Lin, 35, has won multiple Golden Melody Awards for his music, but chalked up only a handful of acting credits, including Hanazakarino Kimitachihe, the 2006 Taiwanese television show starring Ella Chen; and The Secret, the Chinese movie starring Leon Lai and released in China in January.

A Hollywood role will come as a natural move for the Singaporean, whose fellow singer-songwriters Jay Chou and Wang Leehom have been showing up in American movies such as The Green Hornet (2011) and Blackhat (2015).

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