HK fans riled by call to catch Tanya Chua in Shenzhen

Tanya Chua is starting on her new tour in August.
Tanya Chua is starting on her new tour in August. PHOTO: THE NEW PAPER FILE

HONG KONG • Singer Tanya Chua's management has apologised for asking her Hong Kong fans to catch her Shenzhen concert, said Hong Kong newspapers.

The Singaporean star will kick off a new tour, Lemuria, in Taipei Arena on Aug 27.

Chua, who is signed with Taiwan record label AsiaMuse, ignited online anger in Hong Kong after her management announced on her Facebook page last Thursday that she had failed to book the Hong Kong Coliseum for a date this year and that her next stop would be Shenzhen Bay Sports Center on Sept 10, said Ming Pao Daily News.

The team "sincerely" invited her Hong Kong fans to the Shenzhen show, but provoked outbursts from Hong Kong netizens. They asked whether she would invite her Singapore fans to catch her in Malaysia and said there were many other venues in Hong Kong she could book, reported Ming Pao.

On Monday, members of Chua's team said they were "really very sorry" about the anger they caused with the "ill-conceived" post. They said they were still working on booking the Coliseum as it was Chua's wish to hold a concert at the landmark venue. Two years ago, she cancelled what would have been her first Coliseum show after losing her voice because of a viral infection.

Her team members said they applied in September last year for a date at Taipei Arena and tried for a slot at the Hong Kong Coliseum. As the Coliseum's 2016 schedule is full, they are now applying for a date after February next year. If they do not get a slot for the first half of next year, they will book another venue in Hong Kong, they said.

Their Facebook post on Monday read: "Because we were anxious and worried about our Hong Kong friends' feelings, after we learnt about the Shenzhen schedule, we thought the location was near and we misguidedly recommended that Hong Kong friends who couldn't wait could go to Shenzhen to watch it."

They said they failed to make it clear that they were still booking a Hong Kong venue and caused "everyone to misunderstand that we don't care about our Hong Kong friends".

They concluded by apologising to Chua and thanked her for "enduring in silence the trouble caused by the company's misjudgment".

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