HK actors cautious about working in Wuhan

HONG KONG • Actors from Hong Kong are thinking twice about going to Wuhan, central China, after the mysterious pneumonia outbreak there.

Hong Kong actor Ray Lui (photo), 63, who acted in three Chinese movies last year, said on Sunday that his wife would be the first to object if he is invited to film in Wuhan.

Lui is married to Chinese businesswoman Yang Xiaojuan and the couple have an 18-year-old son.

Lui, who is known for playing a gang leader in the 1991 movie To Be Number One, said he usually pays attention to washing his hands and wears a mask.

As for actor Moses Chan, 48, who has just returned from a performance in Wuhan, he said he would not return to the city in the short term, but would fly to other Chinese cities for work.

He said he learnt of the outbreak in Wuhan only two days before his scheduled trip, but decided to go ahead after assessing the risks.

"I avoided shaking hands with the audience during my performance," he was quoted by Ming Pao Daily News as saying.

"I did not leave the hotel in Wuhan, except to turn up for my performance and go to the airport."

He said he bathed and changed into new clothes after arriving home in Hong Kong.


China said on Sunday that 59 people have so far been affected by the outbreak in Wuhan.

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