Heavenly King sizzling at 50

Less theatrics for Aaron Kwok's concert but his dance moves continue to electrify



Marina Bay Sands, Sands Grand Ballroom/Last Friday

Even though Aaron Kwok celebrated his 50th birthday last Monday, the Heavenly King does not look his age.

At his 21/2-hour concert at Marina Bay Sands, his dance moves were energetic and electrifying.

His challenging choreography also included headstands and acrobatic balancing acts.

At times, I wondered if I was at Cirque du Soleil's Totem show happening nearby instead.

The Hong Kong singer's concerts are known for their impeccable stage productions.

His 2009 and 2010 concerts here saw a stunning revolving stage. His last concert here in 2012 had a "Transformer" stage, which could morph into eight shapes - appearing at times like a digital screen, at others, a Japanese puzzle box.

Fans looking for such grandeur and spectacle might have been disappointed. Instead, last Friday's concert - attended by about 5,000 fans, including his friends, singer- actress Miriam Yeung and her husband, Real Ting - was more intimate, giving fans a chance to get closer to the star.

During the show, he sang classics such as Love You Never Stop and Para Para Sakura.

While singing the song Sharing Love, Kwok walked off the stage to shake hands with the audience.

At one point, he reflected: "I just turned 50, I feel there should be some change in my life.

Teasingly, he said: "If I tell everyone that I will marry and have children, will you be happy for me?

"Will you be jealous?"

Nonetheless, it would not have been an Aaron Kwok concert without some visual treats.

During his ballad Never Ending Love, the audience was invited to put on 3D glasses, and enjoy the 3D effects of words such as "love" and "Aaron" popping out at them while Kwok sang.

Wearing the 3D glasses, it felt as if I was watching both a concert and a 3D movie.

There were also plenty of costume changes after every few songs.

His opening outfit was a blue and aqua bodysuit, but he soon changed into a body-hugging black-and- white number.

Later, during the Cantonese song Fly, he wore a shimmering jacket, which he unzipped to reveal a muscled torso, to the screams of fans.

Another notable outfit was a white feathered vest and hat, which went well with his spiked-up hair, which was partially dyed white.

But one of the highest points of the night was when he was clad simply in a yellow singlet, tossing gifts into the audience while singing his uplifting Cantonese song Strong.

He sang: "You are strong/You can conquer sky and land... Even if you fail/Don't say die/That's the point of living."

A simple message from Kwok, as he looks forward to the next 50 years.

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