Heavenly King Andy Lau, 54, and wife, 50, are expecting second child: Reports

Andy Lau and his wife Carol Choo are expecting a second child according to reports.
Andy Lau and his wife Carol Choo are expecting a second child according to reports.PHOTO: NEXT MAGAZINE

HONG KONG - Heavenly King Andy Lau, 54, and his wife Carol Choo, 50, are expecting a second child, said Hong Kong reports.

The pregnancy was reported by Next Magazine today, with a cover photo of Choo and her apparent baby bump.

Lau neither denied nor confirmed the report, when contacted by Apple Daily. He said: "No response, thank you for your concern."

Lau, who welcomed a daughter, Hanna, four years ago, apparently wants a son. He said so when he celebrated his birthday with his fans last year, reported Next Magazine.

The couple prayed to Buddha for a son, and the family became vegetarians, said the report.

Choo rested for a year after Hanna's birth, before she began receiving regular artificial insemination, said the magazine.

An unnamed source was quoted as saying: "Each time it failed, she would wait two weeks and try again. Andy didn't want his wife to suffer too much, and made it clear they would try two more years, till she's 50, then give up. But they succeeded in the end."

The magazine said Choo was four months pregnant when she was photographed at a dried seafood shop in Kowloon on March 22. She has been taking extra care since she learnt about her pregnancy in December last year, and Lau has taken over the duty of taking Hanna to school when he is in Hong Kong, said the report.