Having a child is all about giving

I refer to the article, Married, Childless And Happy (Life, Nov 1).

These couples would one day enjoy senior citizens perks, made possible by a robust economy driven by the toil of future generations, and live under a blanket of national security provided by our men and women in uniform.

These are all the children of other people.

When the time comes, I hope those who have enjoyed a happy and fulfilling child-free life will remember to thank their fellow senior citizens who have produced future generations for the nation.

Ooi Mun Kong

As a teacher for 16 years, I have observed parents who seemed ill- equipped for parenthood.

Having a child is a personal decision. Couples who choose not to do so should not be made to feel ashamed or pressured into changing their minds.

Having a child - or not - is a decision that the couple themselves, not their friends or family members, have to make.

Sophia Tan Chay Lee

The reasons given by couples for not having children range from an increasingly dangerous world to freedom for personal material pursuits.

I would like to point out that the world experienced a baby boom when World War II ended in 1945 and the Cold War started, sparking fear of a nuclear confrontation between the United States and the then Soviet Union.

The couples interviewed in the Life article were born in the 1980s and grew up in a period of peace and prosperity.

Having a child is all about giving.

Perhaps young couples should think whether their reasons for not wanting children stem from growing up learning only to receive and not give.

Tng Kim Bock

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