Did Ruby Lin confirm her pregnancy by saying 'We'll soon be a family of three'?

Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo's pre-wedding party in Bali on July 30, 2016.
Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo's pre-wedding party in Bali on July 30, 2016. PHOTO: WEIBO

TAIPEI - Has newly-wed Ruby Lin confirmed her rumoured pregnancy?

The 40-year-old Taiwanese actress was tight-lipped about it on Monday (Aug 1), a day after she seemed to have a slip of the tongue at her star-studded wedding banquet in Bali and said she and actor Wallace Huo, 36, would "soon be a family of three".

At the feast on Sunday, where she changed into a shoulder-baring gown that did not obscure her protruding abdomen, the emcee said all the guests were wishing the couple would have a baby soon.

"Sure, sure, we'll soon be a family of three," she replied, according to China Times.

However, asked about the remark at the Bali airport on Monday, she told reporters: "There's no hidden meaning."

"I'm going home. I'm very happy," she added as she headed to Taipei with Huo for another celebration on Tuesday night (Aug 2). Her denim overalls could not conceal a slight bulge in her belly, pictures showed.

Stars at Sunday's banquet included Vicki Zhao, Zhou Xun, Fan Bingbing, Hu Ge, Nicky Wu and wife Liu Shishi, Vivian Hsu and husband Sean Lee.

Actresses Zhou and Fan sang. Hsu's Facebook page showed the singer-actress kissing the bride on the mouth.

Actor Hu was given a ribbing because Huo, his good friend, had once joked that the two men would pair off if they were still single in five years' time.

At the banquet, Hu was asked if he had come to "abduct the bridegroom".

He replied with a joke. When Lin appeared, Hu said, he finally understood his purpose in Huo's life. "All the times Wallace and I were a CP (couple) were to cover for you two."