Harry Potter fans go wild over Fantastic Beasts

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Harry Potter fans join witches and wizards around the world in a global fan event for spinoff movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

LONDON (Reuters) - School's out for Harry Potter fans - the new adult spin-off Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them is on its way.

Warner Bros held special fan events around the world to make some announcements about the latest J.K. Rowling scripted movie franchise - not least that there will be five films in the series.

In London, where most of the cast and crew gathered, there were a few other revelations, like a very iconic character from Harry Potter making a return.

"We see Dumbledore in the second movie, a young Dumbledore who comes back and... I've got to cast young Dumbledore actually, I'm literally, I've got a meeting tomorrow to start to decide who to cast as young Dumbledore, it's very exciting," said director David Yates.

And if you're hoping the films don't stray too far from the Harry Potter series, lead actor Eddie Redmayne has taken on some things from the original.

"There were definitely moments when I was making this film that I went back and looked at the Potters and looked at particularly Dan's (Radcliffe) wand work, and Emma's (Watson) wand work, and I may have stolen a few moments."

You can catch up with the wizarding world again when Fantastic Beasts opens in cinemas worldwide in November.

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