Harry Potter And The Cursed Child book launches in London

Fans line up to purchase Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in London after the play by the same name opened across town.

LONDON (REUTERS) - Throngs of fans packed bookstores across London for the midnight release of the latest, and apparently last, Harry Potter book.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is the eighth installment in the series and picks up life 19 years later featuring Potter as a 37-year-old employee of the Ministry of Magic and father of three.

The excitement in the bookstore was palpable.

"I really don't have any expectations other than... I know it's going to be like going back into Hogwarts. It's going to be so good. That's my only expectation, that it's going to be so good," said Harry Potter fan Jennifer Burchett.

"Honestly, I just have to calm down, go home and read it and then I can go full crazy and go and discuss it with fellow Potterheads and go full Harry Potter," said Harry Potter fan Christine Tenchava.

The book is based on the script of a play by the same name which opened in London's West End theatre district earlier in the day.

Theatre goers were just as excited about the story after the performance.

"It's also a completely different genre to anything I've ever seen. It's not like a musical, It's not like a, kind of, Shakespeare, it's just completely different and it's brilliant," said Benji Miller.

"Amazing. Best thing I've ever seen," said Emma McDowell.

The play is about five hours long and is sold out until May of next year.