Guo Liang had to dress like a boyband member for new local movie Filial Party

In a new local movie, Filial Party, TV host Guo Liang takes on an even more unlikely role than the philandering plastic surgeon that recently won him the Best Supporting Actor prize at the Star Awards.

He had to dress like a Korean boyband member to play the hip father of a young student.

"I have experience being a father, but everything else was a shock," said Guo, 45, at Filial Party's press conference on Tuesday.

"To tuck your belly into a tight shirt every day is a painful thing," he said.

Filial Party, which opens in cinemas on Thursday, revolves around a reality show of the same name, where contestants have to show that they are filial to their parents to win the $1 million prize.

Ann Kok, 41, plays one of the three finalists in the game show - a scheming lawyer and town council vice president who has political aspirations. Unlike the ambitious character, Kok, whose contract with MediaCorp recently ended, said that she has "no concrete plans yet" for the near future, besides promoting this movie.

Another cast member, Kym Ng, who plays the wife of a security guard, also joked that she was not like her uncouth character.

"It is an unfair casting, but I tried my best," said the 40-something actress, highlighting a scene where she plucked her armpit hair on camera. Of course, she is known for her loud and boisterous personality when she hosts variety shows on Channel 8.

Also in a jokey mood was veteran actor Richard Low, who said his salacious scenes in the movie with sultry women stayed true to his persona on TV, where he is often cast as lascivious older men.

"I directed those scenes myself," said the 61-year-old actor with a laugh.