Golden Horse winner Yeo Yann Yann says her new role in local comedy Rubbers has 'depth'

The upcoming local film Rubbers is a sex comedy. Naturally, the mood at its press conference at Orchard Hotel Singapore on Monday is light and cheeky.

That is, until its writer-director Han Yew Kwang, 39, suddenly appears to turn serious with a question for actress Yeo Yann Yann.

"Tell me truthfully, if you had won the Golden Horse Award first and I had then approached you, would you have said yes?"

"Not necessarily," replies the 38-year-old actress who won the best supporting actress accolade for the 2013 drama Ilo Ilo. Of course she was only playing along with Han.

When Han first approached her to play the role of a condom critic, she had only given birth recently. Because of that, her figure is noticeably fuller in the movie.

Pointing to her cleavage on the film's poster, she jokes: "That's depth, get it?"

Rubbers, which opens in cinemas on April 30, comprises three stories revolving around condoms.

Yeo and Julian Hee, as a plumber, navigate lust and tenderness; Marcus Chin and Catherine Sng are an older couple wondering where the spark has gone; and Oon Shu An and Alaric Tay find themselves stuck in a tricky situation.

Sng, 64, reveals that her segment was partially based on her own experience.

When she was in her late 20s, she was tricked by a colleague into blowing up condoms as balloons.

"It was the first time I'd seen ones with colours," she says in defence of her naivete.

Also, she did not have a boyfriend then and "nothing was used at that point".

Tay, 35, had previously worked with Han and agreed to do a nude scene this time.

Neither Tay, who is married, and Oon, who has a boyfriend, had any problems with their other halves over their story about a playboy and a Japanese adult movie actress.

He says: "Going on set was kind of like going home and taking off your clothes and just doing your thing."

Oon, 28, says her initial reaction to her role was: "You want me to what? I could not get my head around it."

She asked her boyfriend about it and he replied: "It's funny, just do it."

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