Golden Horse red carpet: Hot stars in cold rain

Taiwanese film-maker Hou Hsiao-hsien's graceful action movie, The Assassin, won five Golden Horse Awards, including Best Film, in Taipei last Saturday. On the red carpet, a different sort of grace was on show, as the stars sizzled in couture in the rain.

Shu Qi


Stand back. The star of The Assassin is in full smouldering mode. Scorched by her gaze, you might barely notice she is dressed like an Arabian dancing girl - or worse, an Arabian dancing girl in wet clothing.

Karena Lam


The star of the Taiwan bereavement drama Zinnia Flower, who won Best Actress, tries on a witchy look for the red carpet. But it will take more than a black dress and a dark red lipstick to magically turn her into a femme fatale.

Chiling Lin


The Golden Horse host plays it safe, almost basic, with a black Zuhair Morad dress, a flash of cleavage and bright red lips.

Gwei Lun-mei


The Taiwanese star makes a bold choice, wearing an unusual dress with a voluminous pannier by exiting Christian Dior designer Raf Simons. Unfortunately, she also looks like she is packing a bench under her gown.

Ha Ji Won


For better or for worse, the K-drama star is having a bridal moment. Her white lace dress would be less out of place at a wedding banquet, probably. Still, she sure does seem radiant.

Sylvia Chang


Kudos to the star of the Hong Kong musical The Office for keeping it real. A sensible adult can cover up on a cold night, and still look good on the red carpet.

Simon Yam


People, never try this at home. The sexy brigand look can only be pulled off by PhD-level charmers such as Yam. Even Johnny Depp would look dumb in this.

Chang Chen


Mid-life crisis alert: Is the star of The Assassin mulling over a mid-career switch to rock stardom in Japan? Also, why did no one warn him that his trousers are too long?

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