Eason Chan on a high after completing concert tour

Hong Kong singer Eason Chan (right) performed the last show of his C’mon In~ tour on Sunday.
Hong Kong singer Eason Chan (right) performed the last show of his C’mon In~ tour on Sunday.PHOTO: ONE PRODUCTION

Eason Chan moved away from putting up big-scale concerts to unusually stripped-down shows for his C'mon In~ tour

On stage, Hong Kong singer Eason Chan can be a bundle of energy as he sings, dances and rallies the crowd.

Speaking to local media after his concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Sunday night, he reveals the secret of his stamina.

He says: "My mother breast-fed me, so that's why I'm full of energy. She did it for nine months, which is pretty rare nowadays. But it works. Thank you, mum."

Chan, 43, flits between Cantonese, Mandarin and English during the interview, clearly still on a high after the last show of his C'mon In~ tour.

"I'm really satisfied and happy. It'll hit me in a bit and I'll miss it."

The show was unusual as it was a stripped-down affair with a setlist which included all 10 songs from his latest Mandarin album, C'mon In~.

After a string of big-scale concerts, he was ready to try something different.

Eason's Moving On tour (2007-2009) was followed by Duo (2010-2012), Eason's Life (2013-2014) and Another Eason's Life (2015-2016). (As an example of his oddball humour, he contemplated calling the latter Eason's Afterlife, but that was vetoed by others.)

He recalls: "There are fancy contraptions, cool lighting, costumes in which you can't even move in. It's funny in hindsight."

And so the idea of going back to basics appealed to him.

"I wanted something simple, nothing fancy, just me and the band. Things had grown too big. From a selfish point of view, I couldn't even see everyone in the audience."

Recording for C'mon In~ had already been completed in December last year, but the disc was released only in October due to Chan's packed schedule.

Among other things, he filmed the upcoming action comedy The Undercover Superstar with Chinese singer-songwriter Li Ronghao and also served as a mentor on the popular reality television show, Sing! China.

He says of Singaporean contestant and third-place finisher Joanna Dong: "She's very entertaining, very good, very talented."

Chan supports fellow mentor Na Ying's decision to leave the show (known as The Voice Of China for four years) after six seasons and adds that he has no plans to sign up for more of such gigs at the moment.

"I was too invested in the show and I spent a lot of time with the mentees. It's not easy. I've never recorded a show till five or six in the morning before."

Good thing then that he has all that energy to spare.

It is past 11pm by the time the interview concludes and he bids the media farewell with a cheery "Merry Christmas" and enthusiastic shaking of everyone's hands.

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