God Of Songs, now also Fugitive Trapper

SHANGHAI •The police in China have caught on to a tried-and-tested method to nab men on the run.

They have learnt that the wanted folk have a weakness - the fugitives often turn up at Jacky Cheung's concerts.

The cops are singing the praises of the Hong Kong singer after five suspects were arrested at his shows in the past two months, reported China Daily.

One suspect was cited as telling the pursuers: "I am a fan of Jacky Cheung. If I couldn't sell the tickets, I would enjoy the concert myself."

He was wanted for ticket scalping and thefts.

Cheung is known as the God Of Songs and his fans are now conferring another title on him: Fugitive Trapper.

The singer himself is modest about his contributions, saying: "They would be caught by the police anyway. It could be anywhere, like a supermarket or a concert."

But he could not resist adding: "I feel grateful that they came to my concerts. We all need music."

His fans have now urged the authorities to give the 56-year-old an award for public service, while some have rewritten the lyrics of his hits to include references to fugitives.

One of Cheung's most popular songs, titled Net Of Love, was modified by fans to Net Of Justice.

The singer, who is one of Hong Kong's "Four Heavenly Kings", is currently performing in China as part of his A Classic Tour, which started in October 2016.

He has so far staged 147 shows in more than 70 cities in China, with over three million people turning up.

The police, ahead of his July 8 show in Luoyang in Henan province, are already stocking up on handcuffs in anticipation of further arrests.

Posting on their Sina Weibo account, they said: "Jacky Cheung, we are ready."

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