Go Ahead Quote Me

I must say, if you want to know why George Clooney is the ultimate love god, after dinner he cleared the table and stacked the dishwasher. That is foreplay for females.

AUTHOR KATHY LETTE, who dined with the actor (photo) and his wife Amal

Apparently you're not supposed to call yourself a Sir if you're not actually born in England. But I'm gonna break that rule.

AMERICAN ACTOR KEVIN SPACEY on his honorary knighthood

The preacher will say, 'Y'all give it up for the girl from Empire', so I take the back door to exit. The bad part is that people that did me wrong in the past now try to reach out to me like we are friends.

EMPIRE ACTRESS TA'RHONDA JONES on struggling to go unnoticed at church now that her hip-hop drama is a hit

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