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'The instinct to get out of the way when you hear a popping sound, that's real for me. I'm sure it's real for a lot of artists who grew up in neighbourhoods like that'

Rapper Kendrick Lamar on growing up wary in the streets of Compton, California

'Matt was a teen idol when I was growing up, like Justin Bieber or The Beatles. Girls would figure out where he lived, drive by and ring the doorbell. And that wasn't so bad for the younger brother'

Entourage actor Kevin Dillon, brother of heart-throb Matt Dillon

'Every time I'm working together with someone, my first thought is, will we fall out? It requires a lot of tolerance and open-mindedness. Each has to have absolute confidence in the other. It's a big test of friendship'

Hacken Lee on holding a concert with fellow singer Joey Yung