Get prepped for Game Of Thrones: 7 things to know before you tune in for the Season 6 finale

Television still for Game Of Thrones, starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (left) and Lena Headey. PHOTO: HBO

This article was first published on April 13, 2015, and updated on June 23, 2016

The grand finale for season six of the hit TV series Game Of Thrones will air on HBO (StarHub TV Channel 601) on June 27 at 9am Singapore time.

The fantasy, based on writer George R. R. Martin's bestselling novels, boasts beautiful women and enough palace intrigue - along with poisonings and murders - to rival the best Chinese period soaps.

Before you tune in to the last episode of the season, catch up with all the stories you might have missed about the show right here.

1. Season 6 is the first time the television series goes "off-book"

Longtime fans of the novels were displeased when they found out that the show could potentially spoil the ongoing book series for them. Speaking at the famous debating society the Oxford Union, executive producers David Benioff and Dan Weiss said that taking an extended hiatus was not possible for a show as big as Game Of Thrones.

"These guys are in demand and they are going to go off and do other stuff. So, we kind of have to keep pushing forward," they added.

Although the show is venturing into uncharted territory, creator Martin provided showrunners Benioff and Weiss with 'guidance' on the fate of certain beloved characters. Both producers revealed during an interview with Entertainment Weekly that the author divulged one major moment of the books that has not been revealed - the secret to Hodor's name.

The Winds Of Winter, the next novel in the series, is expected to be released in early 2017 after countless delays.

2. Revival of Jon Snow

Season 5 ended with the ultimate cliffhanger as the the camera panned out on Jon Snow's lifeless body, bleeding out in the snow. Did the series kill off yet another protagonist? Even though filming for season 6 was kept under close wraps, images of Kit Harrington appearing on set started to emerge. After months of speculation, it was only after the premiere of the sixth season that his fate was finally revealed.

3. Warning: Spoilers ahead


Want to get up to speed on the battle for the Iron Throne? Who's dead and who's not? Who's ahead of the game and who's fallen by the wayside?

Well, HBO has a handy 30-day countdown which has nifty trivia on everything from the poisons of Westeros to explainers on who are all the strange tribes and creatures populating this fantastical world.


4. Body count for four seasons is 704 and still climbing

If the HBO guide is too much information (even if there is no such thing as TMI when it comes to fandom), and you do not mind spoilers galore, then head for The Washington Post's jawdropping illustrated guide to all - yes all - the deaths in GoT up till season five, as well as the details of each death, conveniently subdivided into categories such as Method and Killer.

This number is expected to skyrocket after the penultimate episode of Season 6 - where the armies of Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton collide at Winterfell. The episode featured one of the biggest battles in television history, costing upwards of US$10 million to produce. The epic battle sequence took over 25 days to shoot and involved 600 crew members, 500 extras, 160 tons of gravel, 70 horses and four camera crews.


5. The Singaporean connection


There is a constant parade of gorgeous gals through the show and a new addition to the set on the fifth season was Singaporean-British actress Jessica Henwick.

The 22-year-old who grew up in England has a Chinese Singaporean mother and is a fan of Martin's books.

But her role in Season 6 has been significantly reduced due to the lack of emphasis on the Dorne storyline.


6. Success inspires parodies


The true mark of having made it in pop culture is when spoofs abound. And GoT has definitely made it. Check out how it has been parodied on Sesame Street, inspired a goofy take on the ongoing British elections as well as a comic satire on gaining tenure.


7. Thinking of downloading it illegally? Don't!


Apparently the show is so popular that the season four finale was downloaded illegally eight million times, according to file-sharing news site TorrentFreak.


In fact, despite tight security, the first four episodes of the hotly-anticipated fifth season were leaked online on Sunday.


But as Singaporeans know, some copyright owners are starting to pursue illegal downloaders in Singapore.

The producers of the Oscar winning film Dallas Buyers Club has issued lawyers' letters to more than 500 Internet account holders here suspected of illegally downloading the film. All three major Internet service providers in Singapore have received court orders to cough up customers' details. So think again before you download.


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