Local musicians get cosy with audience in new Living Room Sessions

Singapore-based musicians (from far left) Fym Summer, Veronika Sakhno, Teashhur and Adia Tay will be performing at the inaugural Living Room Sessions tonight at Blu Jaz Cafe.
Singapore-based musicians (from far left) Fym Summer, Veronika Sakhno, Teashhur and Adia Tay will be performing at the inaugural Living Room Sessions tonight at Blu Jaz Cafe.PHOTO: CITY65 MUSIC

The first edition of Living Room Sessions, a new gig series where up-and-coming artists perform in intimate settings, happens tonight

There is a new gig series in town, one which gives a platform to up-and-coming Singapore-based music acts to play stripped-down, intimate shows.

Named Living Room Sessions, the inaugural show happens tonight, with a "Femme Fatale Edition" at Bali Lane joint Blu Jaz Cafe.

Like the title implies, the line-up is all women - singer-songwriters Fym Summer, Adia Tay and Teashhur.

The gig series is an offshoot of the City65 Music Festival, which took place on April 15 at Tin Hill Social Kitchen & Bar in Bukit Timah.

Organiser City65 Music's founder, Mr Mike Spinks, says that future editions of the series will have different themes.

"We like the idea of theme-based shows because they add another element of interest and allow for a bit more originality when creating the settings we imagine for our shows. We will try to come up with more theme ideas based on the acts we feature, the locations and the dates of the gigs."

While details of subsequent shows have not been finalised, the organisers are planning to make it a quarterly series, not just at Blu Jaz, but also at other venues.


  • WHERE: Blu Jaz Cafe, 11 Bali Lane

    WHEN: Today, 7pm

    ADMISSION: $10 at the door

Fym Summer, whose real name is Yumin Foo, will be performing with her music producer, Wong Jian Ming, on guitars, the first time the pair will be playing together onstage.

"The audience can look forward to my intimate, honest and stripped-down live version of songs that I have painstakingly written over the past decade of my life," says the home-grown artist, who released her sophomore EP, Luna, earlier this year and was part of National Arts Council's Noise Music Mentorship programme in 2015.

Teashhur Dekan, who performs under the name Teashhur, is an Australian singer-songwriter based in Singapore who released her debut EP, Dreams, late last year.

She will be performing with violist Veronika Sakhno during her set. She released her latest single, Over Now, yesterday. It was the first song she wrote, back in 2011, the year her first husband died of cancer.

Tay is a home-grown singer and guitarist who went through the Noise Music Mentorship programme last year and the Esplanade's Bright Young Things programme in 2013.

Her set at Living Room Sessions will be aimed at "the broken- hearted", she says,

"The acoustic songs I'll be performing are going to be the most bittersweet, raw songs I've written, about a love in my life that never seems to end."

Living Room Sessions is a good platform for singer-songwriters like her who "thrive on an environment of quiet listeners", she adds.

"The City65 Music Festival was set for full bands and louder music and it's awesome to see the festival expanding in breadth to include the confessional type of singer-songwriters."

Correction note: In an earlier version of the story, we said that the City65 Music Festival took place over two days in April. This is incorrect as it was a one day festival which ran past midnight. We are sorry for the error.

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