Gamers get first look at trailer for Warcraft movie 

REUTERS - Director Duncan Jones gives gamers an exclusive first look at the Warcraft movie trailer at BlizzCon last Friday (Nov 6).

Amber Beck, a 10-year World Of Warcraft veteran, said: "Hopefully it will turn out good, it looks like they really put a lot of effort into it. The one thing is when it comes to video games these (films) are done by people that don't really know the source material or they're not really looking to be, or they don't really know what the game is and they're just kinda making a quick buck.

"The Warcraft movie is made by the people who know the world so it seems like they know what they're doing. I think there's a lot of heart in it so hopefully it will be pretty good,

Game designer and Blizzard senior vice-president Christopher Metzen is aware of the risks and saw the chance to take the game to the big screen as an opportunity to write a few wrongs made in the Warcraft story fabric.

"We made some really weird decisions with the lore over time, things I wish I could take back.... Retelling this story again in Duncan's deft hands, it was an opportunity for redemption, conceptual redemption. It is totally the Warcraft one that everyone remembers but it is better, tighter, smarter, it is a much better version of the tale and we are super proud of it," Metzen said.

Activision Blizzard  also announced the launch of a film and TV studio to create original content based on its popular video game franchises such as Call Of Duty and Hearthstone in its latest push to expand beyond console-based games.

A "near-term" project for the video game maker's film and TV studio will be to develop a movie franchise based on the hugely successful military first-person shooter Call Of Duty.

Warcraft theatre release is slated for next year (2016).