Game of Thrones recruits 2,400 extras in Spain

An earlier casting call for extras in Girona, Spain.
An earlier casting call for extras in Girona, Spain. EPA

MADRID (AFP) - Hundreds of people queued at a sports stadium in the southern Spanish city of Almeria Wednesday, hoping to be among 2,400 extras who will be hired for the popular US series Game Of Thrones.

The two-day casting call, for the hit series' sixth season, was posted by the ModExpoR agency, which set down precise selection criteria.

Would-be extras must be between "18 and 65 years old, Mediterranean, with very dark or black skin".

Men must be at least 1.75m tall, women at least 1.7m, and slim-built.

David, 20, who got up at 6am to drive two hours to the casting call, said he was worried about his chances.

"I was quite nervous to see people better than me standing in the queue. People with longer hair, darker skin, and who were taller than me and had a better profile," he told AFP by phone.

"I told myself they might not take me."

Boasting picturesque beaches and Moorish architecture, the city was the location for films Clavius in 2014 and Exodus in 2013.

The area has appeared in nearly 500 films over the past 60 years, according to the local tourism office.