Former actress Tracy Lee marries Popiah King’s son Ben Goi

Former actress Tracy Lee and Mr Ben Goi, Popiah King Sam Goi's son, got married last Saturday.
Former actress Tracy Lee and Mr Ben Goi, Popiah King Sam Goi's son, got married last Saturday.PHOTO: INTERNET

Someone saw the wedding pictures and asked Tracy Lee what show she was acting in and who the "lead actor" was.

But the former television actress did get married over the weekend - to Mr Ben Goi, 41, son of Popiah King Sam Goi, who has an estimated net worth of $3 billion, according to Forbes.

The wedding was held at Shangri-La hotel last Saturday, reported Singapore Press Holdings' news and lifestyle content site AsiaOne.

Guests included former Singapore president Tony Tan Keng Yam and his wife, Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong and Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen.

Malaysia-born Lee, 32, took part in Mediacorp's Star Search 2007. Her husband is believed to be working for his father.

Celebrities who turned up included actors Xiang Yun, Hong Huifang, Shane Pow and Julie Tan.

In one of several Instagram posts on Monday morning, Lee wrote: "Can't believe I'm married... someone even asked what am I acting in now, or why they don't recognise the scene nor the 'lead actor'.

"Dear friends, I really got married... He's my lead actor, number one lead and someone who'll look after me forever."

到此刻依然很多人不相信我结婚了,还有人传我简讯问我在拍哪部戏,怎么没看到造型,没看过男主角等的~ 哈😄 各位亲爱的朋友们, 我昨天真的开心出嫁了❤️。他就是我的男主角,第一男主角,一辈子守护着我的男神🤗❤️ 再次谢谢大家前来跟我们分享这美妙且真实的时刻,见证我们的爱情😍。你们的到来跟祝福使整晚简单又隆重的婚礼增添了不少幸福的感觉,谢谢你们的爱😘😘😘 #我们结婚了 #tracyleemeileng #tracylee #justmarried #ThankYouforLovingMe #BeMyMan #IloveYou #officiallyyours #solemenzation #blissfulday #thankfulheart #是真的不是拍戏 #是真的是真的是真的 #重要的话要说三遍 #我爱你老公 #ThankyouforComing
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