For Metallica, Nothing Else Matters but rock brotherhood

Metallica replaced the gear that was stolen from Blistered Earth (above) after a show in Portland, Oregon, last month.
Metallica replaced the gear that was stolen from Blistered Earth (above) after a show in Portland, Oregon, last month.PHOTO: BLISTERED EARTH/FACEBOOK

NEW YORK • Even as Metallica are set to blitz cities on another tour, the rockers know that not every fan of theirs - especially those living in small towns - will be able to catch them in action.

Cover, or tribute, bands can help spread Metallica songs further and wider.

Perhaps this can explain why Metallica, who performed new songs and classics such as Nothing Else Matters when they played in Singapore in January this year, have come to the aid of a cover band.

According to Agence France-Presse, Blistered Earth, a quartet from Spokane, Washington, were distraught after a trailer packed with US$20,000 (S$27,950) worth of gear was snatched after a show last month in Portland, Oregon.

A few days later, the band - who lost three guitars, two bass guitars and a drum kit plus an array of amplifiers and pedals - said everything had been replaced.

"Sometimes when bad things happen it really brings out the best in people," Blistered Earth wrote on Facebook. The post thanked Metallica singer-guitarist James Hetfield and his bandmates "who have seen fit to replace our equipment. Thank you guys!!"

Portland television station KOIN 6 cited Blistered Earth member Jared Kiess as saying that Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich had contacted the band.

"He asked for a list of gear, which we provided. But we are beyond thrilled and pleasantly surprised by the fact that they even heard the story, much less that they made such an offer.

"It is incredibly humbling and gives us even greater respect for the band we pay tribute to every night."

Meanwhile, Metallica are set to perform in Baltimore on May 10 to kick off an extensive tour of North America and Europe after completing a leg in Latin America.

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