Fogerty says hit song used without permission

HOUSTON • The movie is called Proud Mary, but John Fogerty, 71, said the makers should be ashamed that they had taken the name from his hit song without his permission.

Worse, according to a post on his Facebook page, the Creedence Clearwater Revival founder noted that the movie is about a woman who kills for money.

"I wrote the song Proud Mary 50 years ago and I was very excited to have written such a good song. In fact, it was my very first good song.

"My songs are special to me. Precious. So, it irks me when people seek to capitalise on the popularity of my music and the goodwill it has earned with the public for their own financial gain.

"No one ever asked me about using my song this way or even about the meaning of Proud Mary.

"The movie poster has my lyrics changed to read... 'killing for the Man every night and day'.

"I wrote the song about a mythical riverboat, cruising on a mythical river, in a mythical time. Perhaps, the setting was 'back in time' on the Mississippi River.

"It was obviously a metaphor about leaving painful, stressful things behind for a more tranquil and meaningful life."

However, Fogerty may have the last laugh, reported Reuters, seeing that the movie, which stars Taraji P. Henson as Boston assassin Mary Goodwin, has flopped at the box office.

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