Five of the fastest and most furious stunts



See it in: Fast & Furious 8, opening in cinemas on Thursday In a scene set in New York City, a dozen stationary cars are seen shooting out of a multi-storey carpark, all manoeuvred via remote control by the evil Cipher (Charlize Theron).

They plunge into a massive pile-up on the streets below while hundreds of other so-called zombie cars, all controlled remotely, rush through the city and create ultimate chaos.

Instead of relying on computer effects, the producers propelled real cars out of a building using pulleys, cranes and wheels, and down on to real cars below.


See it in: Furious 7 (2015)

The heroes in the movie jump out of a military airplane in one scene - while seated in parachuting cars. While the actors were not a part of the scene during the filming of this segment, the cars really did fall out of the plane.

Three cameramen parachuted after the vehicles to capture footage, while a helicopter filmed wide-angle shots off to the side. This was an incredibly dangerous and complex scene to film as there was the constant fear that either a car or a person could sway and crash into each other.

Reportedly, the film crew tested the scene six times before getting the final take - yes, that means dropping cars out of a plane six times.


See it in: Furious 7 (2015)

In a scene set in Abu Dhabi, Dominic (Vin Diesel) is seen driving his car from one skyscraper and into another one of the Etihad Towers.

Obviously, the film-makers could not wreck the towers in real life. Instead, they built a 12m-tall glass-and-steel structure in a sound stage before filling in the rest of the scene with computer-generated imagery.

As ridiculous as it appears, physics professors have said in media reports that the scene is, in fact, plausible.


See it in: Fast Five (2011)

Among the many car chases the franchise has seen, this finale scene in Fast Five stands out: Dominic is speeding down a highway in a Dodge Charger with a massive bank safety vault strapped to the car's back with a wire.

To film the sequence, the crew modified two Dodge Chargers to amp up the horsepower, while a total of seven clone bank vaults were created for different shots. For example, two vaults were motorised and accommodated drivers inside so that they could be steered in the directions required in the scene.



See it in: Fast & Furious 6 (2013)

It would probably have been easier to do this scene using CGI, but the crew got a real Chieftain battle tank to roll down a highway in the Canary Islands and crush a number of vehicles in its way - including a 30-tonne moving truck.

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