Films harder to make, says K-drama star

South Korean star Park Shin Hye at a press event for South Korean beauty label Mamonde yesterday.
South Korean star Park Shin Hye at a press event for South Korean beauty label Mamonde yesterday.ST PHOTO: DON WONG

South Korean actress Park Shin Hye says her role as a lawyer in upcoming South Korean film Heart Blackened is one of her most challenging yet.

At a press event yesterday for South Korean beauty label Mamonde, she said: "This the first production where I felt that, as an actress, I had to use new acting methods. The audiences are more focused on an actor in a movie theatre as compared to when they are watching a drama at home. So director Jung Ji Woo had higher expectations of me."

The 27-year-old actress, who is a brand ambassador for Mamonde, is well known for her roles in popular television dramas such as The Heirs (2013), Pinocchio (2014) and Doctors (2016).

She added that her latest bigscreen project pushed her acting abilities like never before.

"I had to focus on every movement, no matter how slight, on every small facial expression I made to portray the character. For a drama shoot, it usually takes about three takes to complete a scene. But for this film, it took an average of 15 takes for even a simple scene."

Heart Blackened, which also stars South Korean actor Choi Min Shik, is expected to be released in cinemas in South Korea in November. There is no release date for Singapore at the moment.

The movie, which was previously called Silent Witness, is about a lawyer, played by Park, who is hired to defend the daughter of a rich man accused of killing her prospective stepmother.

Park, who visited Singapore five years ago, said she loves the sunny weather and plentiful greenery here. She is looking forward to squeezing a meal of pepper crab into her tight schedule on this visit.

She has been an ambassador for Mamonde, a floral-inspired label, since 2014.

After she was seen using the label's lip tints in Pinocchio and Doctors, those products quickly became bestsellers for the brand.

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