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Film Picks: Wes Anderson films and The Disaster Artist at The Projector; Bad Samaritan; and Love, Simon



American film-maker Wes Anderson's latest film, Isle Of Dogs, opens only next week, but audiences can first get a taste of the director's unique visual style at The Projector, which is showing some of his best older works.

Highlights include Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009), his acclaimed stop-motion animated film adapted from Roald Dahl's children's book of the same name; and The Darjeeling Limited (2007), which stars Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody and Jason Schwartzman as three brothers who travel across India a year after their father's funeral.

WHERE: The Projector, Level 5 Golden Mile Tower, 6001 Beach Road MRT: Nicoll Highway WHEN: Till May 20, various times ADMISSION: $13.50 INFO:

Yip Wai Yee


111 minutes/3.5 stars

This thriller gets the basics right as it has a great villain and is not weighed down by an excess of plot.

Burglar Sean (Robert Sheehan) makes a horrific discovery during a break-in: A woman named Katie (Kerry Condon) is held captive in a house owned by the rich and enigmatic Cale Erendreich.

David Tennant's (above) sadist-creep Cale is the film's strongest element.

He is wily, sociable and attractive. He is deliciously hateable as a one per-center who delights in re-enacting childhood psychodramas with unwilling actors kidnapped off the streets.

John Lui


110 minutes/3.5 stars

This gay teen romance, the first by a major Hollywood studio (20th Century Fox), has a fresh-faced cast. Lead Nick Robinson (Jurassic World, 2015, above, with Katherine Langford) is believable and likable as Simon, the nice guy with a perfect life.

Even for someone like him, though, coming out is something he wrestles with.

Director Greg Berlanti created television series such as Dawson's Creek (1998 to 2003) and Everwood (2002 to 2006) - which means he knows his way around teen dramas. He is sensitive to the emotional ups and downs of teenage life.

Boon Chan


Eccentric film-maker Tommy Wiseau is known as the man behind the melodramatic romance The Room (2003), which is widely considered one of the worst films of all time.

In this award-winning biographical drama, actor-director James Franco (above right, with his brother Dave Franco) chronicles how Wiseau came to direct that infamous work.

WHERE: The Projector, Level 5 Golden Mile Tower, 6001 Beach Road MRT: Nicoll Highway WHEN: May 26, 8.30pm ADMISSION: $13.50 INFO:

Yip Wai Yee

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