Fighting together to remain High

Epik High's (from far left) Tablo, Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz.
Epik High's (from left) Tablo, Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz. PHOTO: RED SPADE ENTERTAINMENT

All three members of South Korean hip-hop group Epik High - married men in their 30s - are still very much kids at heart.

Rapper Tablo, 35, says: "We still feel like we are 19 years old. We are not very mature in our hearts, but in a good way."

Bachelors when they made their debut in 2001, all three men are now officially spoken for.

The last bachelor Mithra Jin, 32, wed actress Kwon Da Hyun, 30, last month. While Tablo and DJ Tukutz, 34, are happy fathers, they have not yet given any parenting pep talk to their newly married colleague.

"If we talk about parenting, he will get scared," says Tablo, who has a daughter with actress Kang Hye Jung, 33.

Jin is in no hurry to start a family. He says: "I want to take it slow. I want to enjoy our newly married life for a while."

Tablo chimes in: "I think he thinks that you can't enjoy life as much after you have a baby."

DJ Tukutz quips: "Are you talking about yourself?" He has a two-year-old son, with a baby on the way.

Amid the laughter that erupted in the room, Tablo quickly defends himself and says: "We think that after having a baby, life is much more beautiful and enjoyable. Because it's a miracle."

Epik High were in Singapore to perform at last Saturday's Skechers Sundown Festival.

Their chemistry was palpable throughout a 20-minute interview with Life, which is perhaps not surprising since the buddies have been churning out hit hip-hop tunes for the past 14 years.

Last year, their eighth album Shoebox topped Billboard's World Albums Chart.

Tablo, who speaks fluent English because he grew up in Canada, says: "A lot of people think that to stay together as a group, you need to be similar. We realised that our strengths come from our differences. We are together because we keep fighting, arguing and making fun of one another."

Apart from his music career with Epik High, Tablo has been gaining a different fanbase after appearing on the popular parenting reality show Return Of Superman with his five-year-old daughter Haru .

Although they have since left the show, the adorable tot has a big following. Her Instagram account (tabloisdad) created by Tablo has 1.7 million followers, not far behind Tablo's own official instagram account (Blobyblo), which has 1.9 million followers.

In jest, he says: "I have more followers than her so far, a little bit more. I think for now, it's okay."

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