Fifty Shades gets recoloured by Marlon Wayans

(Reuters) -  Last year, E.L. James' hugely successful erotic novel Fifty Shades Of Grey got its big screen adaptation in a movie starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. This year, that very film gets its own parody Fifty Shades Of Black, the latest comedy from Scary Movie and White Chicks actor and writer Marlon Wayans.

The movie follows the story line of the Fifty Shades film adaptation however Johnson's Anastasia Steele is now Hannah, played by Kali Hawk, and Christian Grey is now Christian Black, portrayed by Wayans. "I think we all have an inner Christian Grey in us but mine is just a really clumsy one and I try to project that in the movie because Christian Grey is a way better lover than Christian Black," Wayans said at the film's premiere on Tuesday. "Even though Christian Grey is kind of mediocre, Christian Black is actually a little bit worse."