Feted director Feng Xiaogang walks out of Fast & Furious 7, China's top-grossing film of all time

BEIJING - On April 26, Fast & Furious 7 crossed the 2 billion yuan mark (S$427 million) to become China's top-grossing film of all time, reported NetEase website. This makes China the No. 1 market in the world for the action thriller, ahead of even the United States. Despite its eye-catching performance, some industry insiders are troubled by the movie.

Feted director Feng Xiaogang (Aftershock, 2010) paid to watch it but left before it ended, according to NetEase. Borrowing a phrase from his actress wife Xu Fan, he said: "Why can't I see the humanity in this film?"

He left 10 minutes before the end and Xu, on emerging from the cinema hall, said: "I wanted to stop watching a long while back." On the way home, he kept wondering why he did not stay till the end. Xu gave him his answer when she said: "I think with technological advancement and stunning camera work, you can see every strand of downy hair. But why can't I see the humanity?"

NetEase says that Feng concluded: "When you put on a fanfare for me, I'm not satisfied. What I want to see is the hearts of men."

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