Fergie says new single was one of ex-husband's favourites

The pop star releases her first solo album in 11 years.

UNITED STATES (REUTERS) - Singer Fergie has said her new single Save It Til morning has ex-husband Josh Duhamel's blessing. In fact, it was one of his preferred songs off the new album.

Promoting her new single the Black Eyed Peas member said: "Josh (Duhamel) knew about those songs for years, those were like his favourite songs on the album he's like "release the ballads". So, so it's quite ironic."

When pressed on whether the timing of the album and announcing her separation from her husband were related Fergie pointed out it was not intentional.

"You know I didn't make this album planning on that happening. So I was just really doing what I do and what I do is I write from emotion and raw feeling. And when that happens, I think it's, people feel that there's this raw authentic quality about it. I mean I can't say that the timing is is good for that announcement."

In the music video for Save It Til morning, Fergie plays a character called Fenix who is a pop star and is seen fighting with her famous fictitious partner.

The video for her new single is out now and is from her new album Double Dutchess.