Fans urge Kenneth Ma to date co-star

Natalie Tong and Kenneth Ma play a divorced couple in TVB serial Big White Duel.
Natalie Tong and Kenneth Ma play a divorced couple in TVB serial Big White Duel.PHOTO: BIG WHITE DUEL/INSTAGRAM

HONG KONG • Fans have lost no time in urging Hong Kong actor Kenneth Ma to find a new love after he broke off with actress Jacqueline Wong over her cheating scandal with singer Andy Hui.

Ma plays a doctor in ongoing TVB serial Big White Duel and he has several romantic scenes with actress Natalie Tong, who plays his ex-wife in the medical drama. Fans note that they look compatible together.

The relationship between Ma and Tong, who have been dubbed "a good catch" and "the best possible girlfriend" respectively, is reportedly like brother and sister in real life.

The two actors were told about netizens' reactions by the media while they were promoting the television serial on Sunday, Ming Pao Daily News reported.

Tong reacted by telling Ma: "Date me, someone has to date me first." He replied that Tong was very busy and difficult to date, as the 38-year-old actress said she has to take care of her cat.

Ma, 45, added that she is a good person, but gave an embarrassed smile when asked by the media why there were no sparks between them after so many years.

Tong then joked that perhaps she should leave for a while so he could disclose the real reason as Ma said he could not think of what she lacked as a girlfriend.

She has reportedly dated actors Shawn Yue, Amigo Choi and Tony Hung since she joined the entertainment industry almost 20 years ago, while Ma dated actress Nancy Wu for two years before they split up in 2011.

The final episode of Big White Duel will be aired on Friday in Hong Kong.

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