Fans go loud for Got7

The members of Got7 (from far left) Junior, Youngjae, JB, BamBam, Mark, Yugyeom and Jackson at the press conference on Thursday.
The members of Got7 (from far left) Junior, Youngjae, JB, BamBam, Mark, Yugyeom and Jackson at the press conference on Thursday. PHOTO: SHIN MIN DAILY NEWS

Thunderous reception for Korean boyband drowns them out at press conference

Singaporean fans screamed so loud at the open press conference for popular K-pop group Got7 that they drowned out almost everything their idols said.

But that was hardly a problem, as all the band members had to do was stand and wave from the stage to elicit frenzied screams in the crowd.

As soon as the seven-member group showed up in the basement atrium at City Square Mall on Thursday night, the thousands of teenage fangirls who had staked out the area since morning screamed incessantly at the top of their lungs.

At one point during the 30-minute press conference, the event emcee asked the fans to quiet down a little if they wanted to hear their idols speak - but his words were swallowed up.

The band members themselves appeared amused at the situation and tried to raise their voices as they spoke into the microphones.

I got to hear them say ‘Hello’ from afar. That’s good enough for me.

FAN KAREN YEO who stood far at the back and could barely see the band members’ faces

Rapper BamBam, 18, said that on his next vacation, he would choose to return to Singapore with his family. That statement only turned up the volume on the screaming.

When he was asked about his experience so far on the popular reality TV series Real Men with fellow member Jackson, 22, he said diplomatically: "What I really want is for all seven of us band members to be on Real Men."

Real Men is a show where celebrities undergo military training in South Korea.

Jackson then prompted more shrieking when he playfully grabbed BamBam by the shoulders and said: "For me, the most memorable moments on Real Men would be the times when I'm looking after BamBam."

Fans only hushed somewhat when Yugyeom, 18, showed off his vocal prowess. He sang a few lines impromptu after a reporter asked him what his hobbies were.

"I like to practise for the concert," he said and proceeded to sing at Jackson's goading.

Ms Karen Yeo, 25, who works in online sales and stood far at the back of the crowd, could barely see the band members' faces, let alone make out their words. But she said that "everything was still worth it".

"I got to hear them say 'Hello' from afar. That's good enough for me."

The band, which also include members JB, Junior, Youngjae, and Mark Tuan, were in town to play their first concert in Singapore, which was held at Suntec Convention Centre last night.

However, they have been here three times before - twice last year for fan meets and once this year to promote a K-pop hologram attraction at Resorts World Sentosa.

Hear the fans scream at

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