Escape room has New Yorkers participate in murderous plot

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A seemingly-abandoned warehouse in Brooklyn is the set of an immersive horror show featuring a murderous psychopath.

NEW YORK (REUTERS) - A new kind of horror show is set to terrify New Yorkers this Halloween season.

This is Real is an immersive horror experience where participants are captives of a murderous psychopath.

Co-creator Paul Smithyman says that the show is designed to evoke primordial fear into its players.

"We come very personally to assail your senses that are related to fear. So making people blind, binding people, these are things that give you a visceral and non-intellectual experience of fear," said Smithyman.

The show takes its cues from the horror genre and the popular escape room - where players need to solve puzzles to get out.

In This is Real, players must use any means necessary to get out of the warehouse alive, making for an intense, realistic experience.

"Terrifying. It's like a haunted escape room but the acting was amazing, I was actually terrified the whole time," said a participant, Amy Clark.

Daredevils brave enough to try the show must act quick though, as This is Real is almost completely sold out for the Halloween season.

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