Eric Tsang shows footage of crash to prove his innocence

HONG KONG • Actor Eric Tsang had denied that he was drink-driving when he was involved in an accident in Japan on Christmas Day.

Now, he has provided proof that the other vehicle involved in the crash had gone out of control and slammed into his car.

Tsang, 65, said the company, which he had rented the car from, had provided him with dashcam footage of the incident.

"They totally lost control of the van and slid towards us," he said in the South China Morning Post report.

The occupants in the van included Mr Li Chi-hang, the Hong Kong police force's director of crime and security, and his family.

"The Japanese police asked if I wanted to prosecute. I said we were both Hong Kongers and they were seriously injured so I'll just leave (matters as they are)."

Tsang, who was travelling with a make-up artist, revealed that his ribs were slightly fractured in the crash.

Both Mr Li and his wife had to undergo surgery and their condition has since reportedly improved.

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