Dylan to receive Nobel prize in Sweden

NEW YORK • After months of suspense and standoffishness, Bob Dylan, the elusive Nobel laureate, will finally accept his literature prize at a meeting with members of the Swedish Academy in Stockholm this weekend.

Ms Sara Danius, the Swedish Academy's permanent secretary, broke the news on Wednesday in a blog post titled Good News About Dylan.

She wrote that Dylan - who greeted news of the prize last year with two weeks of silence and skipped the ceremony because of "pre-existing commitments" - would be in town to play two concerts at the Stockholm Waterfront.

She said members of the Academy would "show up at one of the performances" and "hand over" Dylan's commemorative diploma and medal in person.

"The setting will be small and intimate, and no media will be present; only Bob Dylan and members of the Academy will attend, all according to Dylan's wishes," she added.

Yet, uncertainty remains. Nobel laureates, who are awarded 8 million Swedish krona (about S$1.26 million), are required to give a lecture on their subject within six months of the prize ceremony, which was held on Dec 10. Dylan will not deliver his this weekend. His deadline is in June.

Ms Danius wrote: "The Academy has reason to believe that a taped version will be sent at a later point. (Taped Nobel lectures are presented now and then, the latest of which was that of Nobel Laureate Alice Munro in 2013.) At this point, no further details are known."


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