Dragons, dragons everywhere

The fearsome dragon in Maleficent -- PHOTO: SCREENGRAB OF MALEFICENT TRAILER
The fearsome dragon in Maleficent -- PHOTO: SCREENGRAB OF MALEFICENT TRAILER

With Maleficent now in cinemas, we're getting yet another dragon swopping on to our screens in recent times. A reimagining of the Sleeping Beauty tale, we all know prince charming will have to face off against a fire-breathing dragon in order to rescue the damsel in distress. The trailer below gives a glimpse of the fearsome beast at the 1:57 mark.

There has been large servings of dragon in movies and television recently, thanks to leaps in technology that allow incredibly life-like depictions of these mythical beasts.

The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug

Peter Jackson's second trilogy in Middle Earth revolves around the dwarves' quest to reclaim their homeland from the dragon Smaug, which has turned the underground dwellings of the Lonely Mountain into a ghost town. Voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch, Smaug is menacing, fiercely intelligent and mercilessly mocking as it warns all those who dare awaken him.

How To Train Your Dragon

The hit 2010 animated film won fans over with its depiction of the the thrill of taking a high-speed ride on the back of a dragon. The highly anticipated sequel, which sees the Vikings exploring new lands thanks to their new partnership with the dragons, will be released this month.

Game Of Thrones

And of course, who can forget the three "offspring" from the Mother of Dragons Daenerys Targaryen. The vicious creatures of the hit HBO series based on George R.R. Martin's fantasy novels have been growing over the course of four seasons. Even the Queen is starting to lose control of them as they reach epic proportions.

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