Double Feature Movie Podcast: Mission: Impossible – Fallout and Comic-Con trailers review


Double Feature Movie Podcast: Mission: Impossible – Fallout and Comic-Con trailers review

Duration: A heart-pumping 20 minutes

Synopsis: Featured in this action-packed (-ish) episode is jealousy, displays of lust, gasps of awe, some rapping (unfortunately) and a challenge for the next episode.

The latest installment in what we're calling 'The Tom Cruise Death Wish Experiment' is here. Mission: Impossible - Fallout is out and features so much action it is a virtual mic drop to all other action films. Some stunts even took two years to bring to the screen.

Host Jonathan Roberts is joined by Joanne Soh, deputy Lifestyle editor and chief movie reviewer of The New Paper as they plough through the Mission Impossible series and get to grips with the latest amazing Cruise actioner. He's 56, you know and Mr Roberts is extraordinarily jealous.

Produced by: Jonathan Roberts & Ernest Luis

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