Don't suffer in silence, mums: Ella Chen on urinary incontinence after giving birth

A difficult birth had caused her bladder and womb to sag, Ella Chen said. PHOTO: HIM_ELLA0618/INSTAGRAM

(ASIAONE) - Is Ella Chen expecting baby No. 2?

Pregnancy rumours have surrounded the Taiwanese singer after fellow S.H.E member Selina Jen was recently seen visiting her at a women's and children's clinic.

Chen's husband Alvin Lai, however, has denied these claims.

On Mother's Day (May 12), the 37-year-old mum finally shed some light on the incident in a Facebook post.

The singer revealed that she visited the clinic for a procedure to fix complications she had been suffering after giving birth to her son, Daniel, in 2017.

A difficult birth had caused her bladder and womb to sag, Chen said, and caused her to suffer from stress incontinence and bladder prolapse.

"Sneezing, jumping, running all led to urine leakage. This was a very big problem for me," she wrote.

Due to the severity of her condition, she chose to undergo sling surgery, which involves lifting the prolapsed bladder to a higher position by adding two 'strings'.

After recovering from the health problem, Chen said she felt lucky and thankful for the help from advanced medical technology.

Many other mums have the same issue after childbirth, but often suffer in silence, Chen wrote.

She then urged women to seek help if they suffer from such complications before ending her post with "Happy Mothers' Day."

The singer's post struck a chord with mummies, who left comments such as "I just gave birth to my second child, and I feel so strongly for this post. A mother's greatness is behind all these little things."

Another wrote, "You are so amazing. I lived with the same condition for 16 years before getting surgery. Now that you have spoken out, it will benefit more women."

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