Disney dream comes true

Megan Taylor plays the blue tang, Dory, in The Wonderful World Of Disney On Ice show. T.J. Yang plays the role of Marlin (left).
Megan Taylor plays the blue tang, Dory, in The Wonderful World Of Disney On Ice show. T.J. Yang plays the role of Marlin (left).ST PHOTO: LAU FOOK KONG

Ice skater Megan Taylor, who has loved Disney characters since she was a kid, gets to play Dory in the Disney On Ice show

Watching Megan Taylor glide gracefully around on ice, it is hard to believe the 20-year-old performer when she says she is a klutz once she steps out of the ice rink.

"It's funny, but I just feel a lot more natural on ice," she says, adding that this is a problem many of her colleagues face too.

The American is the youngest cast member in a lead role in The Wonderful World Of Disney On Ice show, which is on at the Singapore Indoor Stadium till Sunday.

Taylor plays Dory, the amnesiac fish from Disney Pixar's Finding Dory, in a new segment of the show inspired by the 2016 movie.

Performing as Dory is "a huge honour", she says, as the character in the movie is voiced by one of her favourite talk-show hosts, American comedienne Ellen DeGeneres, who first voiced the character in 2003's Finding Nemo.


  • WHERE: Singapore Indoor Stadium, 2 Stadium Walk

    WHEN: Till Sunday, 7.30pm

    ADMISSION: Tickets from $25 (go to www.sportshubtix.sg)

"To be able to bring her voice to life and to see the kids' reactions live, it's very rewarding and inspiring," says Taylor.

To prepare for her role, she watched Finding Nemo and Finding Dory repeatedly to memorise the character's reactions and movements, and then tried to translate that while on the ice.

This is her first lead role since joining the cast two years ago.

Taylor, the youngest daughter of a car mechanic and a banker, started ice skating when she was nine - an age she says was considered relatively old in the sport of figure skating, where some start as young as two.

The Californian was hooked on the sport after watching American figure skater Michelle Kwan compete in the Olympics on television.

While she initially harboured dreams of becoming an Olympic figure skater, she soon decided that she was not cut out for competition.

"I really just fell in love with performing to a crowd, rather than competing," she says, adding that she gets an adrenaline rush when she sees the audience's reaction.

Joining the cast of Disney On Ice seemed like a natural progression for the self-professed Disney fan. Her coaches had encouraged her to try out for the show as they were coaching the cast too.

However, Taylor says that she does not see herself doing this for long as she plans on going to university.

For the time being, she is living out her childhood dream of being a Disney star.

"I used to go to Disney theme parks wanting to meet the princesses and characters," she says with a laugh. "I've always had the dream to one day return the favour to other kids, to make their dreams come true."

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