Director Wong Jing 'unfriends' actors over pro-democracy protest

HONG KONG - Hong Kong actors Anthony Wong and Chapman To have laughed off a declaration by film-maker Wong Jing to sever contact with them for condemning police violence during the Hong Kong pro-democracy protests.

On Weibo on Wednesday, Wong Jing had addressed the two and singer Denise Ho - another outspoken artiste.

He wrote: "I absolutely don't agree (with your political views). To avoid embarrassment, your contact details will be erased from my phone and computer. Have a happy life."

Hong Kong police have been criticised following violent clashes with the protesters, but Wong Jing had earlier asserted, "They (the protestors) splash urine on people... They deserve a beating."

In response, To, who is promoting Flirting In The Air, a Wong Jing film he acts in, asked why Wong Jing had not also "unfriend" Chow Yun Fat, who has also been pro-protesters and who stars in the director's comedy From Las Vegas To Macau.

"The film must be facing pressure in the China box office," he sneered. "I'm focused on the Hong Kong market, he on China. So, of course, he can't be as carefree as me!"

On Facebook, Wong snarkily wrote: "Brother Wong... I'm touched you still have my phone number and the 10 years' worth of our email that I have deleted. All these years, I haven't kept your phone number. Good luck!"

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