Director Giddens Ko admits cheating on girlfriend with TV reporter, refuses to apologise to public

Taiwanese author and film-maker Giddens Ko. -- PHOTO: MY PAPER FILE
Taiwanese author and film-maker Giddens Ko. -- PHOTO: MY PAPER FILE

Taipei - Writer-director Giddens Ko on Wednesday admitted cheating on his girlfriend of nine years with a television reporter, but refused to make a public apology.

Ko, 36, had called a press conference, after his motel trysts with CTV reporter Chou Yu-ting, 24, on Oct 14 and 16 were reported by Next Magazine. The magazine misidentified Chou as Ko's girlfriend, illustrator Hsiao-nei, 27, but the mistake was discovered soon after the report was published.

At the press conference, he admitted the affair with Chou, saying: "I really like this girl." But he added: "Regarding whom I choose to love, I hope to be with my girlfriend in the future."

He adapted and directed the 2011 hit movie, You Are The Apple Of My Eye, from his book of the same name. His books have been banned in China because of his support for the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, said Variety magazine.

Apple Daily said he and Chou, both National Chiao Tung University alumni, became close last year, after she interviewed him about a documentary he produced, Twelve Nights. Chou has a boyfriend, said the report.

On Wednesday, Ko said facing the music for the affair was "retribution" for being a public figure. Ko, whose maternal grandfather died on Oct 12, admitted his trysts in the mourning period were unfilial, but said: "It's very strange to apologise to the public for being secretly photographed."

He said he had made a confession to his girlfriend after Next Magazine called him on Tuesday for a confirmation of his trysts.

"I must get her to forgive me," he said, adding that he would save his tears for her.

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