Direction change in Star Wars draws new fans

I read with interest The Last Jedi Divides (Sunday Life, Dec 31), about the controversial reception of the latest Star Wars film.

I was not a Star Wars fan until I was invited to a screening of Rogue One in 2016. I was immediately blown away.

I thoroughly enjoyed the brilliant actors, computer graphics and engaging story line, without comparing it to earlier releases.

This made me decide to catch the next film, The Last Jedi. I enjoyed the movie, regardless of whether the plot was consistent with previous movies. In fact, the change in direction gives new inductees to the Star Wars franchise a chance to become fans.

The so-called comical feel of the dialogue added a twist to the characters, so the movie was not too dull.

I appreciate the effort put in by the producers to revitalise the franchise.

It is a move in the right direction to inject new blood into the story line as well as get new fans like me into the theatre.

Tay Chin Meng


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