Designer Tory Burch ropes in celeb pals to get Americans to #WearADamnMask

Ms Tory Burch tagged her famous friends to join her in posting masked selfies to spread the message. PHOTO: TORYBURCH/FACEBOOK

Fashion designer Tory Burch has urged her famous friends to encourage mask-wearing among their fans as the habit becomes increasingly politicised in the United States.

With the hashtag #WearADamnMask, the 54-year-old designer wrote in an Instagram post of herself wearing a mask: "#WearaDamnMask because (it is) not a political issue, it is an issue of saving lives.

"#WearaDamnMask because it is the only way to keep our most vulnerable safe and the only way to get our economy back on track."

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit America hard. Even as the country is taking steps to reopen its economy, infections rate have continued to climb and some Americans have vehemently refused to wear a mask, believing that having to do so infringes on their rights.

Burch tagged her famous friends such as actress-producer Mindy Kaling, actress Kerry Washington and celebrity stylist Brad Goreski to join her in posting masked selfies to spread the message.

More celebrities have come forward to heed her call.

Actress Jennifer Aniston, 51, known for her role in sitcom Friends (1994 to 2004), captioned a photo of herself in a black mask:

"If you care about human life, please... just #wearadamnmask and encourage those around you to do the same."

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